Art Market

Some of our artists have work for sale. You can buy them directly from here. New art and artists will be added almost daily. Click the post links below.

  • Christopher Moonlight

    Christopher Moonlight is most notably known for his work with such legends as the author Ray Bradbury and the Oscar-winning special effects company studioADI. Independently he writes, produces, and directs his own feature films including horror movie The Quantum Terror and his short documentary When Hollywood Green-Lit Comic-Con. In his early years, he worked in

  • Mike S. Miller

    Mike S. Miller is a New York Times bestselling illustrator whose career has spanned 26 years primarily in comics and video games. After a decade working for Marvel and DC on top titles such as X-Man, Wolverine, Adventures of Superman and JLA among others, Mike took a turn toward the independent, assuming the role of

  • Donald Jackson

    Donald Jackson has been a freelance artist and designer since 2003. He is an art teacher in the Western New York area. Donald lived in Asia for 5 years (Japan and Taiwan) where he learned Eastern philosophy, Kung fu and Chinese painting. Since the presidential campaign in 2016 Donald has become increasingly active online politically,

  • Glenn B Fleming

    I’m an English Artist/Writer/Publisher. In 1984, I created ‘IDIOM INC’ black and white comics and published several titles for a couple of years. I then moved onto Harrier Comics in my spare time whilst working as a freelance Graphic Designer. Following my ‘Harrier’ life, I left comics altogether, concentrating on writing and painting. As you

  • Andrew Paquette

    I’m an American vegan photographer and artist. I’ve been happily married for almost thirty years, have a terrific kid, and wish I wasn’t allergic to dogs because they are wonderful. Worked for Marvel and various other publishers before moving on to Hollywood where he did computer animation on the first Spiderman and others. Worked in

  • Mike Harris

    Mike has worked as an artist for Marvel, DC, and Valiant. Leaving comic books in 1997, Mike moved on to the computer game and animation industries. While working as a comic book artist, Harris enlisted in the New York Army National Guard as a Cavalry Scout, 19D, with the 1-101st Cavalry in 1986. He was

  • Dean Zachary

    Beginning with Malibu Comics’ The Ferret and the collectible Full Face Die Cut Cover, Dean Zachary went on to illustrate such titles as The Night Man, Green Lantern Elseworlds, Hawk & Dove, Batman: Day of Judgment, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and DC Halloween Special featuring Wonder Woman. Dean is currently working on

  • Val Mayerik

    Val Mayerik is an American comic-book and commercial artist, best known as co-creator of Marvel Comics’ satiric character Howard the Duck. He was a longtime Conan artist and is now a painter in addition to a comics artist. I am available for commissions;  all illustrations will be detailed and finished, not loose like a convention