James Hudnall

James Hudnall is the webmaster, one of the founders and publisher of The Freedom Forge. He is an award-winning veteran writer with over 100 comics and novels to his name. He has worked in the comics industry for most major publishers. He is also a producer and lecturer.

His Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography has been called one of the best comics of all time by “Wizard Magazine.” It was cited in TV guide as an inspiration for an X-Files Episode.

His first novel, Hell’s Reward, is book one in a planned series of novels in the Age of Heroes series.

The Secrets of Writing, published in December 2015, is a detailed explanation of the writing process in all media.

A collection of his graphic novel 2 To the Chest came out on 2017. He’s currently the webmaster and founder of The Freedom Forge website.

Aside from writing, Hudnall has been a writing teacher, lecturer, publisher, and internet engineer for many years. He’s also a U.S. Air Force Veteran.

Hudnall won the Inkpot Award in 2017 for his career in comics.

He currently lives in San Diego, California.

Official Website: jameshudnall.com