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  • Dave Dorman has provided this sweet cover as the alternate for Agenda #1. You can help Agenda by contributing to our campaign which is in demand at this link.

  • Thanks to James Hudnall and everyone else who had the idea to make this site, create a name for it, a logo, and then put it all together and get it online inside a week from idea to realization. This group is important to me, though I no longer work in the comics industry. I

  • We have launched our campaign for our very first comic, Agenda. Please check out our page and help if you can. Thank you.

  • Look everywhere and you see the same thing. Entertainment seems co-opted with messages that go against the grain of reality. The music industry is turning out trash, the comics industry leaders seem hell-bent on suicide, the movie and TV industry seems determined to alienate ordinary people with messages aimed at delegitimizing them. Don’t get me started on the garbage

  • Hello everyone, my name is Andre Leal, I’m a comic artist and illustrator, I also do my own stories sometimes. I would like to show to you my character, Camilo Wallace, The Ventriloquist (he works as a ventriloquist and a carver/sculpture, his superpowers has nothing to do with ventriloquism). During his childhood, Camilo Wallace used

  • Hello everyone! I’m Shevek (nom de plume) from Pittsburgh, PA and happy to be on Freedom Forge, where free speech is paramount. I first heard about this site from Ethan Van Sciver’s live stream, which makes sense because Ethan’s colorist on Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Jason Wright, draws the comic-book representations of our heroines. What

  • The folks at Squared Circle Comics are happy to announce that they have brought professional wrestling tag team legend Bobby Fulton’s story to Kickstarter. The comic book miniseries tracks Fulton from the early stages of his life, and throughout his illustrious career in the various NWA territories in the 1980’s. The books are based on

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