Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Freedom Forge?

The Freedom Forge is a creative hub and network for free thinking, freedom loving creative people to promote their work and/or be published.

2. Is it only for creative people?

No, it’s for anyone who supports the ideals of free expression. Anyone who wishes to support the work of the members or believes in free speech and classical entertainment values.

3. Is the Freedom Forge political?

Only in that we stand for free expression and defend classic values. We believe that entertainment should not be political propaganda. If the creator wants to express political views their work, that’s their choice but we are not for agendas forced on the creators by outside forces, like corporations or political entities.

4. Is the Freedom Forge just a website promoting creators and content?

No, the website is our web presence. But we are also a network and a publishing company open to producing work on all media platforms.

5. I am not a creative person. Can I join?

Yes. Anyone who supports our goals can join. You can help our efforts by buying our products or donating to the site or crowdfunding efforts.

6. What if I don’t agree with your site’s goals.

If you don’t support our goals there are plenty of other sites that oppose freedom and liberty. No point in hanging with people like us who have a positive outlook.

7. I am a creator and I want to produce work with the Freedom Forge. What do I do?

Use the contact form and tell us about yourself.

8. What’s the point of all this?

We believe that media has been taken over by interests who are against freedom and western values. We happen to like those things and intend to stand up for them. Since these negative forces have been poisoning the culture, we are the antidote. We want to take back the culture. This is the place where you can make a difference.

9. I see a lot of comics creators on here. How about other media?

We welcome gamers, novelists, musicians, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, playwrights, and so on. This site is for any of the arts