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  • Agenda |

    Our first comic is called Agenda. The campaign is launching this week. Here’s the video.

  • Comics Gate |

    I posted this on my Facebook page today: Newsflash for out of touch comics pros. Yes, I am talking to you Mr. BS and those you believe your hysterical tirades. The image you see here explains accurately what Comicsgate is about. It has nothing to do with racism, homophobia, transphobia et al. It has to

  • Get Woke, Go Broke |

    The leftists are destroying the comics business better than any apocalypse or nuclear detonation. With their refusal to live in the real world or understand people want entertainment that’s entertaining and enjoyable. Instead, their angry, divisive and anti-American screeds are turning off people in droves and that is hurting an industry that has gone through so many

  • Star Wars Vs. Star Trek |

    Years ago, I adapted Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire for Dark Horse, an easy job due to Tim’s clarity. I parlayed this into a visit to Skywalker Ranch, with my late wife. I’d visited Skywalker once before with Brent Anderson. Skywalker Ranch contains myriad beautiful buildings in a sylvan setting in Marin County. The

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