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The Freedom Forge is for creative people who want to work outside of the oppressive PC/SJW corporate culture where globalist agendas are pushed endlessly. At the Freedom Forge we're about a return to entertainment that isn't out to preach, indoctrinate or advance a political ideology.  Many of these are anti-freedom or even civil rights. These companies want to deny voices that don't subscribe to that agenda. They even blacklist talent that won't toe the line. We seek to be free to tell our stories as we like. We also believe in defending the culture we happen to love and without any apologies. They can have it their way in their domain, but so can we.

We will not let them dictate reality to us. We are free to follow our own paths.

We happen to like traditional culture and entertainment. We celebrate it. 

If you agree with these principles, then please join our cause and help us make our dream of a creative hub for free thinkers. There are three ways you can do this.

  1. Spread the word. Tell your friends who might want to be a part and help.
  2. Join our mailing list so we can keep you abreast of all the work we're up to.
  3. Donate to help us produce more work. Anything is better than nothing.

Here are two of the options. Please tell anyone who might be interested.

Thank you.

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