The Freedom Forge is a hub where liberty loving creators have banded together to share their work across various media platforms.

We love America. We don’t hate. We don’t scold. We’re about entertaining.

We believe in freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. We’re not about calling people stupid if they disagree with us.

We’re entertainers. We want to give you something worth your time and money. We care about the work.

We want a positive outcome for our respective industries. For too long there has been a negative and toxic worldview dominating society. It’s tried to impose its divisive agenda on everyone. It doesn’t want people to escape its oppressive domain. This negative philosophy tried to dictate what we can say, what we can eat, what we can think.

We reject that. We love freedom. We like having a good time. We do not need lectures and scolding from people who are neither capable nor righteous enough to do that.

We believe in free expression. We aren’t constrained by politically correct maxims or America hating rhetoric.

In other words, this site is for people who want to enjoy their entertainment. We want to bring fun to the world.

We’re forging our way to new and exciting content.