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Thanks to James Hudnall and everyone else who had the idea to make this site, create a name for it, a logo, and then put it all together and get it online inside a week from idea to realization.

This group is important to me, though I no longer work in the comics industry. I got out in 1994 to work as a 3D artist in games and film. I have a few good credits, but I have always missed comics. Because of that, I have started a few comics, with the idea that I will self-publish. The reason for self-publishing is that, after Harsh Realm, I don’t want anyone who is not a member of the creative team to have any claim to the IP. Also, I no longer need a publisher to pay the costs of printing, so I’d rather go without and own the property outright. It was fun to draw Harsh Realm, but the lawsuit that followed when Fox made it into a TV series was not fun.

The new material, such as it is, comes in the form of scripts and art based on my scripts. They are:

“FREEDOM comics”: This was meant to be a non-fiction war anthology. The first story was to be based on the story of a Romanian legal immigrant to the US, who escaped Ceaucesceau (or however you spell his name), then helped his family escape, and then raised a big God-fearing thoroughly American family. His oldest son became a tank commander in the US Army.

“Genesis”: A comic book version of the Book of Genesis

“La Lanterne Rouge”: This, I may finish sometime this summer. It is a large format comic, drawn to European comic book standards. That is, the size of the printed book and the page count are normal for European comics, which are longer and larger than their American counterparts. The story is a mystery in the spirit of Tintin, concerning the “Red Lantern”, the rider who comes in last at the Tour de France.

“Dr. Andy #2”: To commemorate my PhD,  this is the second issue of a self-parody comic I first published in 1994. I wrote this, did the layouts, and my wife, Kitty, is penciling, inking, and lettering the comic. I am also coloring it. That said, Kitty may shift gears and do something else instead. If that happens, I’ll be doing everything. Right now, the entire issue is scripted and laid out, but only five pages are penciled, inked, and colored.

I also have a few scripts lying around that I may try to get made with someone else drawing them, because I don’t have the time. They are:

“The Hagging”: A supernatural thriller. I finished this,  then after having a nightmare about the story that terrified me for at least a week, I gutted the end of the story and am re-working it.

“Peripheral Vision” A supernatural thriller, featuring the same lead character as found in The Hagging. This was published by Jean-Marc L’Officier’s Black Coat Press.

“Made in China” (bad title, must fix). This is a story about a Hollywood producer who goes to China to fix some third party work done there, and ends up tangling with an organ harvesting ring.


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