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I posted this on my Facebook page today:

Newsflash for out of touch comics pros. Yes, I am talking to you Mr. BS and those you believe your hysterical tirades. The image you see here explains accurately what Comicsgate is about. It has nothing to do with racism, homophobia, transphobia et al. It has to do with a reaction to the censorship and blacklisting of traditional comics creators.

For you and your peeps to LIE and impune and distort the motives of people who just want to make fun comics is a DISGRACE. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You’ve just told the world you are against free speech, that you’re anti-entertainment, and against your own comics family. I realize comics are the world’s most dysfunctional industry in many ways, but you guys are killing it. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

You are supporting those who are shredding the business and driving comics stores under.

Also, let me explain to you what should be an obvious fact. You will not regain your relevance by lying and defaming people. All you’re doing is letting the majority of comics fans know you are against them. I hate to break it to you but most people don’t like whats happening in comics. If they did the sales would be the best they ever were. But the fact is no one likes this sad charade of forced politics and crypto-Marxist propaganda.

I’m all for people doing what they want in their comics, but when an industry and its bullies try to force it on people and try to destroy anyone who complains, guess what? I RESIST!

This whole thing is getting out of hand and I feel we¬†should let them know we aren’t going to take their defamation and bullying anymore. So here’s one of the things I will be doing. A couple times a week I will be streaming live on my Youtube channel which is at esper999. I will be interviewing people and talking about all sorts of stuff including the Freedom Forge. One of my first guests will be Zach from Comics and Diversity. One of the people who inspired Comicsgate. I look forward to the discussion.

I will also be joining Comicsgate with my first Freedom Forge project Agenda! I will be posting a link to my Indygogo page soon.

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