Get Woke, Go Broke

The leftists are destroying the comics business better than any apocalypse or nuclear detonation. With their refusal to live in the real world or understand people want entertainment that’s entertaining and enjoyable. Instead, their angry, divisive and anti-American screeds are turning off people in droves and that is hurting an industry that has gone through so many rough times already. Most of these SJW creators and publishers have contempt for traditional culture and the fans, so they are trying to ruin everything they like. And it’s killing off comic stores all over the country.

It’s not just in comics. The SJW crowd is trying to destroy the traditional culture everywhere they can, from football to movies and TV. If they are allowed to continue, they may very well succeed, but they will have gutted our culture before they all end up poor and reviled.

Fortunately, there is an answer. Many creators who stand up for traditional culture are pooling their talent and resources and creating new imprints, lines, and projects. And you can see from their success in crowdfunding there is a big demand. If leftism were popular, then everyone would be into it, but the fact is, it’s not. Woke projects, whether they be TV, movies or comics, generally fail to find a large audience. Many of them fail outright.

Unfortunately, the media and the press are run largely by leftists who feel their ideology is the ‘correct one’ and they seek to impose it on everyone else. The public is largely rejecting this. Sales of comics from major publishers is heading down fast. These corporations will only prop up this for so long.

Since they refuse to see the obvious, it’s up to creators who reject their ideology to do it themselves. Expect to see more and more independent work as time continues. But will the industry survive in the process? That remains to be seen.

It’s important that those of you who support traditional entertainment support it and make it clear on social media that you’ve had enough with the broke ass woke drivel. This is a fight for the entertainment we love, Let’s not allow it to be destroyed by people who hate it.

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