Camilo Wallace

Hello everyone, my name is Andre Leal, I’m a comic artist and illustrator, I also do my own stories sometimes. I would like to show to you my character, Camilo Wallace, The Ventriloquist (he works as a ventriloquist and a carver/sculpture, his superpowers has nothing to do with ventriloquism).

During his childhood, Camilo Wallace used to hear very good music, so his brain has developed making the right and the best neural connections. Then, in his early 30s, he saw something in a museum, it was exposed to everyone, and it was labeled as an old manuscript found among other ancient artifacts, but actually it is the human being manual. Because of his good neural fabric, Camilo could understand what those weird symbols means, and then he unveils some of the hidden abilities of the human being. Of course no one else can do the same, this is just the “excuse” to “justify” the superpowers that he has.

Camilo is a ventriloquist, and after he got his out-of-scale powers, he will use them to fight against the cultural Marxism and other criminal instances. His main enemy is the Kwesokunxele tribe and its NGO called Kwesall, driven by the vile Samuel, a very sympathetic man who goes to the schools, colleges and companies doing his speeches saying that kwesokunxele are good, pure and not infected with the Christian ideas or western values. Camilo is a St. Benedict devotee and he will fight strongly against all lies that Samuel has spread, Camilo will expose that Kwesonkunxele tribe is violent, cruel and bestial, and eventually destroy them by his bare hands (and rescue all the prisoners those animals keeps for years).

I also want to approach what is normal, Camilo’s sister is a magician assistant, but neither she neither the magician have actual superpowers. And also there’s a young female tennis player named Melissa Krugger who has never ever lost a match and will never lose. This tennis player has no superpowers, she’s just extremely above average (the average of the top champions). You can imagine that outstanding athlete is targeted by the SJW that don’t support excellence. Melissa will fall in love with Camilo, but he don’t know if this is for real or if this is part of his powers (yes, it’s real), so he will try to avoid the love of Melissa, also because she’s younger than he is (no pedophilia here! she’s young but not that much).



(above) Samuel, dorector of the NGO Kwesall, the main vilain. (down) Samuel hiring a hitman to kill Camilo.


Graphene fabric costume to resist the heat of mach speed flights.

When Camilo flies above mach 2 speed, the air friction creates too much heat, so he have developed heatsink plates made out of niobium and placed them on his chest, so it can convert the heat into battery power for his smartphone. (above)

Here’s a short video of the chest plates cooling down after a long time in high speed flight:



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