Heroineburgh: Episode 1 (Cybrina vs Red Gina)

Hello everyone! I’m Shevek (nom de plume) from Pittsburgh, PA and happy to be on Freedom Forge, where free speech is paramount. I first heard about this site from Ethan Van Sciver’s live stream, which makes sense because Ethan’s colorist on Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Jason Wright, draws the comic-book representations of our heroines.

What heroines, you might ask? Heroineburgh is a live-action video series, entirely created and produced in Pittsburgh, involving an entirely original universe of superpowered women. They gain their powers from a dark energy meteor bombardment which induces epigenetic changes on the XX chromosome. The first season of the series consists of 13 episodes, spinning origin stories of about 20 heroines and almost as many villains, and culminating in the formation of a Pittsburgh-based Heroine League. There’s action, drama, combat, comedy and a bit of romance, all in the finest spandex available.

The series originated from a love of superheroines, dating back to the TV shows, movies and comics of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and continuing up until today. Why do we love superheroines? Because they’re beautiful and powerful. Having grown up in a second-wave feminist household surrounded by intelligence and creativity, we can appreciate both the advantages of female empowerment *and* the essentiality of the admiration for the feminine form which is sometimes crudely besmirched as the “male gaze”. One reason need not contradict the other, and Heroineburgh can, therefore, be appreciated from both perspectives.

Thus we arrive at Heroineburgh Episode 1. We are introduced to Sabrina Walters, a Carnegie Mellon alumna who codes for a computer firm, but is underappreciated by her sexist boss, the HR director, and treated like a receptionist. During the night of the meteor, Sabrina wakes up to find she can generate electricity and transform herself into data with the ability to travel through cyberspace, and she decides to create a new persona as the blue-haired cyberpunk superheroine Cybrina.

Meanwhile, fellow CMU alum and computer science graduate Gina Garibaldi endured the same dark energy waves. Arriving at the firm for an interview, she is sexually harassed by the HR director and belittled for her piercings and tattoos. Exploding into anger, she involuntarily transforms into the super-strong rage-driven Red Gina, rampaging through the company assaulting employees and damaging equipment, then locking herself with hostages in the robotics lab. It will be up to the level-headed Sabrina (in her guise as the powerful Cybrina) to save the day.

Some of our influences for this episode? Wargames. Tron. Aeon Flux. Terminator. Cybergirl (Australian TV show). And the savage She-Hulk (classic John Byrne version) and newer Betty Ross as Red She-Hulk.

Those who want to view Episode 1 (keeping in mind this was our very effort) can download it for $7.99 from the Video Store at our website http://www.heroineburgh.com

We also have the following social media links: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/heroineburgh/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/Heroineburgh1

Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsaJNsX8AgErJh5aTsjnGxQ/

DeviantArt   https://www.deviantart.com/heroineburgh

We’ll be back soon with synopses and information about more Heroineburgh episodes. Currently, we’re in post-production on Episode 11 and will begin filming Episode 12 next week!


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