Shooting With Colorado Women of Influence

Last Sunday I went shooting with the Colorado Women of Influence. My wife Ann, through her good offices with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, has been inducted into many secret and recondite societies including the Colorado Women of Influence. We were invited to a barbecue at a ranch west of Loveland and advised to bring our guns. The ranch lay at the end–at the very tail end–of a rutted, washboard dirt road that lies out where the buses don’t run. It is impassable during winter save for the efforts of the owner and his bobcat.

Our hosts, Ronnie and Matt, live in a converted barn on the property which has been in their family for a generation. A deck gives a spectacular view of the Eastern Plains. Only one neighbor was visible. It was actually Matt who urged us to bring guns, as he has a very nice range set up on his property with a steep hill backstop and heavy steel rams at which to shoot. He also mounted a number of balloons on a recycled real estate sign. Matt brought his .22 carbine. Dan, who had been shooting with his daughter earlier, brought one of those modern plastic .22 semi-auto carbines and a 30-06. Darren, a retired Special Forces, and SWAT guy brought his .45 long barrel and The Judge, a five-shot revolver chambered for .410 shotgun shells. Matt and Darren have been loading their own rounds for decades. Gary brought his .22 carbine and a new Ruger 9. I brought a .38 Taurus and a .25 Beretta, neither of which I had ever fired.

Those boys and that girl could shoot. Matt was the best but Darren was no slouch. He let me try the Judge. It had a bit of a kick and a huge spread–this is the gun you want if you have to deal with skunks and snakes. There have been 29 confirmed cases of rabid skunks in Larimer County thus far this year. There are rattlesnakes all over. One of them bit our friend Karen’s dog last week and Al chopped its head off with a shovel. Karen put the snake head on the shovel up on Facebook.

My .38 was a cannon. Couldn’t hit shit through no fault of the guns. Came close a couple of times. The ladies came down and joined us, thus I really did shoot with the Colorado Women of Influence. Alice was quite lethal the Judge. Mona found my Beretta much to her liking.

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