The Lionman #1

In Anacostia, Washington, DC, 15-year old Skyler Brade is about to have his life turned upside down. His Zulu ancestors, the Amadlozi, wish him to live and through another of their descendants, English man-of-mystery Sir Michael Baker, they have put a plan into motion that they hope will not only save Skyler, but bring forth a champion against their enemies. Skyler has no idea that he is of royal blood and he can become the latest avatar of an ancient, natural force…the Lionman!

Join us for family, history, intrigue, sorcery, heroism, talking back to your mother, gunfire and action! The #1 debut, origin issue is 52 pages of super-hero comics the way you like them, based solidly on the best of Silver and Bronze Age traditions.

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The Lionman #1

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