A human boy is raised by a tribe of mutants. His life’s desire is to join the Red Guard, the elite soldiers of the High Priestess. When he does, he’s commanded to kill mutants, the very ones who raised him.

“I’ve always said that I think every writer has a barbarian story in them,” said Roland Mann, creator and writer of the Krey graphic novel. “This one is mine.”

With art by such talents as Steven Butler, Crisscross, MC Wyman, Jack Keefer, Ken Branch and Floyd Robinson, Krey is 125 pages, and collects what was originally the Krey 5-issue mini-series published by Caliber Comics.

“It’s pretty interesting the way this story was born,” said Mann. “When I was a freshman in college, my Resident Assistant, Rob Williams, was an artist. I kept trying to get him to do a comic with me, but he just didn’t have the interest. He did, however, do a lot of designs and drawings for him, which I took and further built the story that we have now”

“On a sad note,” Mann continued, “Rob was one of the ATF agents killed at Waco.”

Krey is available both in print and digitally here:


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