Charlton Neo Needs your support

Charlton Neo Comics was launched in 2014 and we have since released a couple dozen quality publications featuring work by some of the world’s greatest comic creators as well as new rising talent. Despite the incredibly positive critical acclaim, sales are not what they should be. We recently entered the direct sales market, getting our masthead title, The Charlton Arrow, into comic shops and the book has sold out immediately! This was due to the fact that though demand was high, orders were low and in the current comics market, stores were happy to sell out and didn’t want to risk reorder.

The imprint started as a spin-off of The Charlton Arrow Facebook page, started by Mark Knox as a tribute to the old Charlton Comics line. It quickly attracted a lot of devotees and comics professionals and it was soon decided to put out a tribute book. Comic veterans Paul Kupperberg, Roger McKenzie and Mort Todd formed an editorial board that gathered a wild assortment of creative talent that produced a varied genre of material, from superheroes and westerns to horror and funny animals.

After all this productive work, we are on the verge of losing it all. The comics have been a true labor of love but sales haven’t been enough to take the comics to the next level, where they can be promoted properly and reach a wider audience.

Some titles have been delayed due to a variety of financial calamities including personal misfortune and most recently the hacking of our Pix-C website, a weekly webcomics site, which will require the rebuilding of hundreds of pages of comics. If we don’t get some backing soon, we may have to discontinue our comics… and there are some great ones in the pipeline!

Therefore we’re reaching out for financial aid to help bolster our books and are offering fun rewards for support. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated and make sure we continue to create entertaining comics that will benefit the world! Thanks!

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