Freedom Forge is also a Publisher

If you’ve come to the site in the last couple of days you should be familiar with the fact that we promote the work of creators who belong to the forge. We’re serious about stories that are entertaining and more classical in nature, verses polemics. And you may be a little surprised that most of the work listed on the site is found at well-known publishers. This is because we want to make people aware of our legacy projects in case they missed them.

But we’re not limited to pre-existing material. We have new work in the pipeline and many projects are planned to come out from the Freedom Forge. We’re in the process of working out the schedules and details. So keep an eye out for announcements from the site. We will be doing that with increasing frequency in the coming months.

So please keep checking back. We aim to bring back a sense of excitement to the business. Let your friends know about us.

Thank you.

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