Val Mayerik

Val Mayerik is an American comic-book and commercial artist, best known as co-creator of Marvel Comics' satiric character Howard the Duck. He was a longtime Conan artist and is now a painter in addition to a comics artist.

I am available for commissions;  all illustrations will be detailed and finished, not loose like a convention sketch.
81/2 by 11 B&W:  $140
81/2 by 11 color:   $200
11 by 17 B&W:     $225
 11 by 17 color:     $300
  Head pencil sketch:  $75
  Cover recreations, done in pen ink and color, no B&W: $450
  I also recreate covers in paint. I transpose the line work into a fully rendered painted illustration.  $1000. ( See the posted example of the Howard the Duck cover)


Here are some pieces he currently has for sale.  

Barbarian:  11 by 17 gauche, ink, oil pastel. $300 

Howard and Scotch:  Acrylic 11 by 18. $1200    

Rock'n'Roll Duck: Acrylic, 81/2 by 11. $400

Patchwork man: Oil, 9 by 12.  $250   

Steve Gerber and Friends: Acrylic, 15 by 20.  $1100

Hitchcock:   21 by 16 Oil. $750    

Tom Baker Dr. Who: Guache, color pencil. 11 by 17 $950  

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