Glenn B Fleming

I’m an English Artist/Writer/Publisher. In 1984, I created ‘IDIOM INC’ black and white comics and published several titles for a couple of years. I then moved onto Harrier Comics in my spare time whilst working as a freelance Graphic Designer. Following my ‘Harrier’ life, I left comics altogether, concentrating on writing and painting. As you will all know, these damn comics never leave you and so, in 2007, I allowed myself to be pulled back in, launching ‘Crikey! The Great British Comics Magazine’ and ‘Super-Spies & Secret Agents’. More recently I published an on-line magazine by the name of ‘Comics Unlimited’. I am a published author of four books (’10 Tens’; ‘The Two Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald - A Tale of Deception, Betrayal and Murder’; ‘Arrival’ and ’S-172: Lee Harvey Oswald Links to Intelligence Agencies’) and should be publishing another illustrated science fiction novel (‘Iapetus Rising’) this year. Last year saw the 100th birthday of the greatest comics creator of the all: Jack Kirby. I was fortunate enough to visit Jack twice at his home in California. To mark his centenary, I produced a documentary about my visits to his house. The film also has 30 minutes of previously unseen footage of me talking to Jack in his studio. (The film is available from me on DVD, should anyone wish to see it).

I’m currently working on my new comic called ‘Hatch : The Next Day’ with is live on Kickstarter as we ‘speak’.

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