Tiny, an all ages graphic novel

Cover to the TINY graphic novel
Cover to the TINY graphic novel

Tiny is kidnapped from home, forced into servitude, nearly eaten, nearly forced into marriage and left in the forest to die.

“Deonna  told me she wanted to do a comic book,” said Mann about artist Deonna Herrold. “She’d never done one before. So I asked her what kind of comic she wanted to do and she said she liked fairy tales. I spent a few weeks researching fairy tales and pitched her a few ideas. She liked Tiny…and we went with that.”

Tiny is a 52 page graphic novel, an all ages re-telling of the classic Thumbelina fairytale by Hans Christian Andersson.

Writer Roland Mann; artist Deonna Herrold

Available at https://squareup.com/store/rolandmann/item/tiny-gn

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