The Freedom Forge

Over the past decade, all forms of entertainment have become a toxic media landscape of one-sided politics, social agendas, and relentless campaigns aimed at tearing down individual thought and subverting American culture.

Not only creators, but fans and even casual viewers suffered from the takeover of the mainstream platforms in comics, music, books, gaming, animation, film, and more. It became increasingly difficult to find entertainment that was out to entertain, rather than lecture or scold.

Creators of all kinds needed a place to come together and share their work outside the hostile new culture that was determined to push them out for daring to disagree.

Where is such a place?

You’ve found it.

Welcome to the Freedom Forge.

The creators who’ve gathered here are individuals who think for themselves, united by their desire to share their work on a platform not controlled by autocrats and social bullies. And they want to share their creations with people just like you.

Regular people who just want to enjoy entertainment without a heavy side of ideology. Who aren’t ashamed of classical values and culture. Who aren’t interested in the screeching hysteria of people who think everyone needs to agree with them. Who believe that diatribes and jeremiads are the opposite of fun. Who crave the chance to decide for themselves what sort of stories they want to read, rather than have them pre-filtered through a politically correct lens. And points are made by convincing, not preaching.

The Freedom Forge is a growing hub for those who share those values. We welcome people from all entertainment fields, from music to gaming, to film, and many more.

We’re anti-censorship. We believe that only evil people hate freedom. We offer a place where you can work without the chains and bonds.

You’ll notice that some of the work listed here is published at some of the corporate places. It’s listed because it represents the work of creators who share our ideals.

The Freedom Forge uses American symbolism because we’re born out of a love for the values the USA espouses. But not all of our members are American. We welcome people from all over, all races or religions, so long as they understand and support our simple ethics.

If you share them as well, welcome. Please support our cause and spread the word.

Thank you.

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