The Toxic Culture of SJWs

One of the reasons so many creators have signed up for the Freedom Forge is because the culture at many companies has become poisoned by ideological ‘gatekeepers’; editors and assistant editors, who are leftwing ideologues. Many of the people in these positions do not love comics or know anything about the rich history. They are there to ‘get famous’ and impose their worldview on the industry.

They have sidelined a lot of veterans in the business or outright blacklisted them just because they won’t kowtow to their bullying regimes. Ordinary people are not political hacks. They either don’t care about politics or it doesn’t rule their worldview. To some of these gatekeeps, if you don’t subscribe to extremists politics you are to be shunned. In other words, lunatics people are running the asylum.

Diversity in Comics is a reviewer who has been very honest about this subject matter and this video is an eye opener if you are unaware of what’s going on.

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