Urgent, gritty storytelling with a slice of terror!Mike Prince

“Domain” enters with a blast as two stoned kids stumble across a dead body in a run-down section of LA and it doesn’t let go. The lead character, Coffin, is a comic book artist who has transitioned into storyboarding for the movies – his journey and his existential crisis following the loss of his wife to drugs, in a marriage gone sour, and his own ambivalence toward Hollywood make for an equally absorbing adventure in themselves. Mike Baron has combined an excellent sense of pacing and character development with an eerie story where the city of Los Angeles and the mysterious house itself, which the lead character buys on his arrival to the city, become central characters in this book. I read this entire novel in two plane flights and was completely sold. Domain is for me one of the best novels of this year. There’s a raw energy and a gritty realism to the characters and the setting which make this novel unputdownable. Vintage Baron.

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