Levon’s War

A promise made in the past takes Levon Cade from the hills of Alabama to the caliphate of ISIS.
The US Marine turned backwoods vigilante returns to the Iraqi desert on a mission of mercy that will take him to the heart of terror.
It will take all his skills, all his courage, and all his will to survive the hell that Mosul has become.
It’s time for Levon’s War.

“Chuck Dixon’s prose is a perfect weld of muscular writing with razor-edged wit and storytelling.”
Beau Smith, creator of Wynona Earp

“Chuck Dixon is a writer who brings his A-Game to the table all the time.”
David Finn, author of the Asanti series

“Chuck Dixon writes in a visceral, matter-of-fact voice that erases the
barrier between reader and page, grabbing you by the throat and
dragging you through the story until you look up and it's four a.m. and
you finished the book.”
Mike Baron, creator of Nexus, the Badger, and author of Whack Job

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