Aftermath is a science fiction adventure graphic novel published by Humanoids, It was originally released as TRIGS in France by Humanoids. Art by Mark Vigouroux. It was a three-issue series that ran from 2003-2005. A new English trade was published by Humanoids in 2011 collecting all three volumes.

The story concerns genetically-modified veterans of a war against alien invaders. Years have passed since they defeated the enemy. But now, these heroes are up against a conspiracy which is having them killed. When Ares is accused of murdering his best friend, he sets out for answers. Set 30 years in the future against a war-torn landscape where civilization is being rebuilt after an intense war, all the rules have changed. Major governments no longer exist and the aliens we defeated have left their mark on the world on the form of Xenozones, areas uninhabitable to humans.

Ares teams up with Maeb, another member of his strike team, to contact the surviving members of his group. But they’re pursued by agents of several governments and things no one has seen before. They have to race against the clock to stop whatever it is that wants them dead. It apparently has much bigger plans afoot.

Aftermath is available from Humanoids.

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