The Freedom Forge


  • Political Correctness is Evil |

    Here at the Freedom Forge we’re against censorship. We’re also against the tyranny of political correctness, which is a form of censorship. All across the western world, political correctness and its proponents are revealing themselves as extreme fascists. An example today in the UK is a perfect example. A YouTuber named Count Dankula, who is

  • A Post Literate Society |

    Remember Borders and B. Dalton’s? They were chain bookstores that are no longer with us. Barnes & Noble struggles to survive, slashing book inventory, turning more and more floor space over to toys, collectibles, DVDs, and games. New DVDs cost anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars. While there are fans who are happy to pay

  • The End of Fiction? |

    A totalitarian pall has been cast on the fiction business which is one of the reasons the Freedom Forge exists. The culture has been contaminated by scolds, ideologues, racists and other extremists, who, like all villains, think they’re the good guys. Instead, they are an evil kind of gatekeeper trying to decide what reality they

  • Freedom Forge is also a Publisher |

    If you’ve come to the site in the last couple of days you should be familiar with the fact that we promote the work of creators who belong to the forge. We’re serious about stories that are entertaining and more classical in nature, verses polemics. And you may be a little surprised that most of

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